Anonymous inquired OMG WE GET IT YOU ARE A BARISTA YOU DO NOT NEED TO REBLOG THE SAME THINGS OVER AND OVER EVERY WEEK ABOUT IT, if it's that bad of a job to where you post about it that often maybe you should find a new job and stop complaining because your blog would be good

Chill man. I’ve reblogged these blogs twice(ever???) because they’re funny to me. I’ve never complained flat out either, we all have things shitty things about our job and the posts I reblog are funny to me because of how relatable they are. I’m sorry that it apparently bothers you so much. I didn’t realize my blog is now “bad” because I reblog those things (again, for the second time ever, my bad)

Anonymous inquired I dont know about your store, but people keep coming in asking for pumpkin spice even though we "don't have it."


yes! people keep asking me if we have it and im like no we dont sorry *sips some in the office*


girls: spank me i’ve been naughty

me: its okay we all make mistakes 

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Anonymous inquired when did u lose ur virginity?


didn’t lose anything

customer:i got four drinks this is only one
me:yes you fucking moron I'm making the other three I can't shit out frappucinos


life hack: if you want your drink decaf or your macchiato upside down, tell your barista when you order! that way, your drink will not have to be remade, and no one’s time is wasted!!

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